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When it comes to corporate governance and compliance, you want someone who knows what you don’t know.  Someone who can guide you toward pivoting, rapid growth and corporate efficiency. 

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As a lead director of a $4 Billion NYSE multinational consumer products company and a member of more than 30 public and private boards in the U.S., Canada, England, Brazil, Spain and Germany, Michael Berthelot knows the struggles you are experiencing and can help you get through them.


We are often asked, “What is the best practice in corporate governance?”  

The answer, to the chagrin of many, is “It depends.”  Best practices in corporate governance will vary from company to company depending upon their individual facts and circumstances.  

What set of practices constitute the best practices for a publicly traded, large cap multinational manufacturing company may be very different from what may be considered the same standard for a fast growing technology dependent micro cap firm.

In addition to differences in resources and organizational complexity, best practices in corporate governance should reflect the organization’s culture and values.  

We do not accept the oft repeated refrain that one set of practices is best for every enterprise.


Experience & Skill

  • Writer and speaker on corporate governance nationally
  • CEO of two publicly traded companies
  • Lead director of $4B NYSE multinational consumer products company
  • Director of private financial services company
  • Lecturer on corporate governance at UC San Diego Rady School of Management MBA program
  • Lecturer at UCSD Extension for New Business Venture Module
  • Board member of more than 30 public and private companies
    Medical device, pharmaceutical development, software, real estate and construction, manufacturing, aerospace/defense, industrial products, golf

Advisor to start-ups

  • medical device
  • pharmaceutical
  • consumer products
  • software

Board/CEO experiences include:

  • Rapid growth
  • Strategy development/pivot
  • M&A/divestitures
  • Proxy contests
  • Secondary offerings
  • Government investigations
  • Succession planning/team development
  • Turnarounds/workout
  • Syndicated financings
  • Private equity/hedge fund & activist investors

Other Accomplishments

  • CPA/SOX qualified financial expert
  • US Coast Guard – Vietnam Conflict veteran

Michael Berthelot - Corporate Governance Advisors

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Michael Berthelot

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Corporate Governance Advisors’ professionals are all current board members and have a wealth of experience in a diverse range of board roles. From Fortune 1000 public companies to start up technology companies to Midwest manufacturers and global enterprises, we have seen it up close and personal. In addition to serving as directors, our principals have generally served as “C” level corporate officers, including Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President, and General Counsel. The experience and perspective of our advisors allows them to better understand our clients’ concerns and to provide advice and feedback that is grounded in real life.


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